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Just before you type; "Congratulations" , read this short story of my various feats serving my Father land;  NYSC DIARY I know by NOW you have gone through the post and probably liked, commented, shared or even followed my page. Well, let me say; Welcome back! You might probably have too many questions to ask on how I was able to achieve all of that amidst Covid and the too many drama that happened this year, well I will tell you. First , I will say GOD DID IT! This is a truth I wouldn't withhold from you, this is to tell you I am not about to take the Glory that belong to my Father. You know when Vision+Divine direction mixes with Grace, the results are out of the world. So in case you are serving or probably preparing to go for yours, always remember that " By strength shall no man prevail ", be you Jackie Chan or whoever, if you must succeed in life you need God. More importantly, you need to build a solid relationship with him because you only get informatio
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13 Years after I started my hustle, I was still broke- LINDA IKEJI

The Story of Linda Ikeji, Told By Linda Ikeji “Let me tell you a bit of my own story, and I hope it inspires you to go out there and get yours. I started my hustle very young, just fresh out of secondary school. I started modelling even before I got into the university.  At the university, I also continued my modelling career and I also started organizing beauty pageants,  I organized Miss University of Lagos for three consecutive years and in 2003, I decided that I want to contest in a beauty pageant.  I contested in Miss Nigeria 2003, and I failed. I finished university, and I started my own company; a Modelling and Events Company. I hustled a lot back then to keep my company afloat.  When the money wasn’t coming in as I had hoped, I decided to put my hands in other businesses. So I started a magazine. I failed at it.  I started a Marketing and Public Relations Company. I failed at it.  I started a TV Modelling Show. I failed at it.  I attempted to start a Reality TV Modelling Compet


SERIES: FINDING PURPOSE EPISODE SIX: WHAT OTHER WRITERS HAVE TO SAY (Concluding Part) Hi Sipper! It's 3am from this part of Africa and your Teawoman is still up trying to make this post! If this is your first time here, I want to say welcome and thanks for clicking on the link to read this post. This is Tea With Juliet Blog, a blog made of over 20 million Real Sippers across the globe who Talks Extensively Aright (TEA). Grab a seat please! You are about to read one of the longest and most exciting story ever. If truly you are deliberate about discovering and uncovering the potentials in you, then endeavor you read till the end. We started off on the Series; Finding Purpose and so far it's been an amazing ride and I can't but tell how elated I am reading your amazing comments...urrm, which is one of the forces that keeps me moving you know! To catch up with the previous Episodes, kindly click on the links below; EPISODE ONE EPIS


Edirin Edewor is a two-time Amazon Bestselling Author, a Mindset and Author’s Coach, and an Entrepreneur. She works with three types of entrepreneurs to help them publish their books and establish their brands.  Through Edirin's Process Publishing System, Entrepreneurs are helped to write their books with ease in record time get published on Amazon and become bestsellers. She also caters for AUTHORPRENEURS who want to sell their books profitably as well as create extra streams of income through their writings. Edirin's 5-step process blueprint helps unknown and underpaid Entrepreneurs in the service industry become highly influential and highly paid Personal brands. Below are 5 out of her so many Words of wisdom on growing a profitable Business; 1.  THE TOOLS OF YOUR JOURNEY You don't see a mountaineer about to climb Mount Everest just show up with a bikini or a pair of boxer shorts, about to use his/her hands to climb, do you? No. So wh